CRW Welcomes Poché as Director of Global Operations

CRW Consulting & Distribution (Houston, Texas, USA) recently welcomed Nathan Poché as the company’s new director of global operations. He comes to CRW with 30 years of global experience in multiple oil and gas industry sectors.

According to the company, Poché has a vast knowledge base ranging from upstream to downstream operations, construction, and management. He has worked globally onshore and offshore while leading elite drilling, engineering, completion, production, and executive teams.

Poché has a track record of cutting costs, driving revenue, building solid relationships between service and operations, integrating new technology with existing infrastructure, and handling high-risk situations with quick problem solving and strategic management, CRW explains.

Poché plans to bring a hands-on approach to operations weaved with a focus on customer relationships. “His skillset enables us to offer more than revolutionary rust removal, metal surface preparation products; you gain valuable solutions from our team of esteemed experts,” the company says. With over 150 years of combined coatings and surface preparation experience, CRW provides Corr-Ze brand products that are designed to eliminate rust-back and under-film corrosion.

Source: CRW,