NDT Global Introduces Cracks in Dents Diagnosis

Photo courtesy of NDT Global.

NDT Global (Dublin, Ireland), a leading supplier of ultrasonic inline inspection, acoustic resonance technology, and advanced data analytics, has introduced the Cracks in Dents Diagnosis program as a means of providing a probability of detection (POD) for interacting threats.

With the Cracks in Dents Diagnosis, operators can successfully remove pipeline condition uncertainty by utilizing a systematic methodology that provides quantitative detection probabilities for interacting threats. These threats can include cracks, grooves, gouges, stress risers, and linear indications in dents.

“Our integrity and inspection experts understand the importance of data clarity when it comes to anomalies in a pipeline,” says Rogelio Guajardo, head of analysis. “They have been working extremely hard to deliver operators the best data by continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. We have successfully developed a diagnosis methodology based on combining high-resolution crack detection and ultrasonic geometry data to detect interacting features associated with a deformation. The clarity provided by our increased probability in detecting interacting features delivers a precise POD that operators can confidently act on.”

Using integrated data from ultrasonic deformation and high-resolution inspection robots, the Cracks in Dents Diagnosis considers multiple attributes from a deformation's geometry. Expert data analysts utilize relevant information including dent type, depth, and length ratio, while applying special crack analysis procedures for the dent area. As a result, each deformation has an individual probability of detecting an interacting threat.

Additionally, any threat interacting with a deformation receives a unique confidence level of being a true threat.  Combined, operators have sufficient clarity to enable informed decision making, according to the company.

Source: NDT Global, www.ndt-global.com.