New Partnership for Modeling of Upstream Reservoir Physics

Production optimization software company Tachyus (Houston, Texas, USA) recently announced a partnership to provide its data-driven oil and gas technology to students, faculty, and researchers in the department of petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University (TAMU) (College Station, Texas, USA).

Through the partnership, graduate and doctoral students at TAMU will have access to the Tachyus platform, which provides proprietary modeling and optimization techniques designed to combine machine learning with reservoir physics. Several of the apps are designed to model and optimize enhanced oil recovery processes, including waterflooding and CO2 flooding. This platform enables the prediction of thousands of outcomes within minutes. In turn, this allows reservoir engineers to increase production by an average of 10% and cut operating costs by over 40%, according to the provider.

Other apps are designed for oil and gas production optimization, such as surface and subsurface back allocation; decline curve analysis; and analysis of optimal infill drilling locations. Each of these apps allows users to increase production, increase recoverable reserves, and to improve efficiency.

Overall, the technology aims to assist and provide predictive analytics and insights in research assignments, all while allowing for intelligent data management that delivers precise and comprehensive reporting. With this partnership, students can experiment within the platform and familiarize themselves with real-world applications.

“Our hope is to provide students the opportunity to further their industry knowledge and be part of the digital transformation movement that we, at Tachyus, are trying to instill into the upstream space,” says CEO Fernando Gutierrez. “Our platform aims to be a tool that allows students, early on, to become accustomed to modeling and optimization software—so that upon entering the workforce, they are acquainted and open to a technology forward solution.”

Source: Tachyus,