Coval Group Appoints New Director of Technology

Coval Group (Stafford, Texas, USA) has appointed Brian Mueller as director of technology. The company describes itself as a chemical manufacturer specializing in next-generation coating technology for use in the industrial, pipeline, marine, construction, flooring, healthcare, and electronics industries.

Mueller brings years of coatings and advanced materials research experience to the role, in which he is charged with advancing and promoting the group’s next-generation coating applications.

“Brian is an innovative technology manager, scientist, grant writing, and technical sales consultant,” the company writes in a press release. “He is experienced in the application of novel approaches in advanced materials and coatings, semiconductor manufacturing, oil and gas, and total well site sustainable solutions.”

Mueller holds a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry and has been active in the industrial specialty chemicals space for over 20 years, with claims to over 38 patents. In addition to his position with Coval Group, Mueller is actively consulting in several related areas.

“It is exciting to work on a coatings technology that is harder and more high-performance than it should be,” he says. “That is the best evidence of great coatings technology, when the same atoms do something so much more impressive in your products. “

According to the company, Mueller’s expertise in coatings science will help Coval expand its industry market share by obtaining key specification metrics for various coating technologies. Coval has served a niche market of high-profile U.S. clients over the past 15 years, and new leadership at the company is investing in its growth throughout the United States and beyond.

Source: Coval Group,