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NACE Board Votes Unanimously in Favor of Combination with SSPC

On Saturday, March 14, NACE International’s Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the resolution to bring the combination of NACE and SSPC to a member vote.

Inherent Challenges with Fireproofing Galvanized Steel

The galvanized steel and fireproofing system must perform in unison while in service and, if necessary, during a fire. Factors within the galvanization and surface preparation process influence the system’s ability to perform.

Podcasts: MP Interview Series

Podcasts from the MP Interview Series explore the impact of COVID-19 on the corrosion control industry.

Slowing the Corrosion Process in Concrete Patch Sites

Scientists are using sacrificial anodes to significantly reduce the acceleration of corrosion in patched concrete areas. The steel is afforded corrosion control thanks to the sacrificial anodes, which are inserted into the patch.

Composite Repair System Preserves Florida Oil Tank

When the plant manager for a Florida oil and gas operating company discovered three holes in a sour crude oil tank, this emergency repair solution allowed the client to avoid total tank replacement.

Award-Winning Water Tower Welcomes All to Fort Lauderdale

The tower’s future looked bleak, but it was saved when local residents were successful in rallying for its restoration instead. Now, the colorful and newly coated tower welcomes everyone to the coastal Florida city.

Recoating a Symbol of a City

The “Spoonbridge and Cherry” is an iconic sculpture in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Recently, concern was expressed over the condition of the cherry and its coatings. The cherry was inspected, removed, and recoated. This article describes the rehabilitation process and the materials used.