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Lubricants Business Expands Sales Division

9/1/2020 6:00 AM

Chicago Researchers Develop Color Changing Polymer

8/31/2020 6:00 AM

Research from the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering shows that liquid crystals can be used as easy-to-read color-changing temperature and strain sensors. Image courtesy of Oleg Lavrentovich, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University.

Podcast: The Future of Machine Learning on Corrosion

8/28/2020 12:00 PM

Image courtesy of Engineering Director, Inc.

NACE Launches Corrosion IMPACT Study for Canadian Economy

8/28/2020 6:00 AM

Podcast Transcript: How to Test, Inspect, and Rehab Offshore Cast Iron Pipes

8/27/2020 12:00 PM

Divers preparing for the internal inspection of outfall pipelines.

New 3-D Concrete Scanner Completes First Commercial Assignment

8/27/2020 6:00 AM

Image courtesy of ELOP.

Some Alloys Slow Corrosion When Irradiated, MIT Researchers Find

8/26/2020 6:00 AM

These optical and scanning electron microscope images show irradiated and unirradiated zones of a nickel-chromium alloy. The left side shows examples of foils with irradiation; instead of degrading the material as it almost always does, the radiation actually makes it stronger by reducing the rate of corrosion. Image and caption courtesy of MIT/the researchers.

A New Method of Spray-On Clear Coatings for Smart Windows

8/25/2020 6:00 AM

A New Method of Spray-On Clear Coatings for Smart Windows

KBR Awards CP Specialist Support Contract to FIMS International

8/24/2020 6:00 AM

Image courtesy of FIMS.

Podcast Transcript: Lessons Learned From Corrosion in Antarctica

8/21/2020 10:00 AM

Kaman UK Reduces Lead Time for Composite Mould Tools

8/21/2020 6:00 AM

Image courtesy of Kaman UK.

Podcast: Tim Bieri on 2020-21 Priorities for NACE International

8/20/2020 8:00 AM

CIC Coatings Hires New VP of Sales

8/20/2020 6:00 AM

U.S. FAA Warns of Valve Corrosion on Boeing 737 Aircraft

8/19/2020 6:00 AM

U.S. Navy Physicist Wins Top Award for Corrosion Technology

8/18/2020 6:00 AM