New Heat-Resistant Lining for Protection of Fire Tubes

Photo courtesy of Carboline.

Protective coatings and linings manufacturer Carboline (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) recently released its Plasite XHT 400 as a new heat-resistant lining for the long-term protection of fire tubes.

The Plasite XHT 400, made for extreme high temperatures, is described by the manufacturer as a highly cross-linked formulation utilizing the group’s patent-pending Supoxy technology. This formulation is designed to protect fire tubes and vessel surfaces in hot, three-phase conditions. The impermeable film reinforced with proprietary ceramics blocks aggressive vapors and solutions from reaching the steel, which can subsequently lead to corrosion.

“We sought to help oil companies lower their operating cost by expanding the limits of carbon steel plus lining,” says Doug Moore, director of the company’s global product line. “This new patented Supoxy technology does just that by providing unparalleled performance in higher temperature and pressure environments. Plasite XHT 400 is our first product using this new technology.”

Specifically, this coating solution is described as ideal to address corrosion concerns on fire tubes in upstream oil and gas process vessels.

According to the manufacturer, asset owners will appreciate the longer coating life cycle and simple on-site application. Meanwhile, contractors should benefit from forgiving characteristics such as one-hour pot life, strong adhesion, and air-dry curing.

Source: Carboline,