New U.K. Division Addresses Need for Flexible Materials

Bindatex (Bolton, England), the leading provider of specialist processes and cutting services in the U.K., announced the formation of its Bindatex Slitting and Sheeting division. The newly formed division will help cut personal protective equipment (PPE), filler materials, and protective films that are needed to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as convert various flexible materials for manufacturers and end users.

According to Bindatex, the Slitting and Sheeting division is designed to provide bespoke services for local manufacturers while still satisfying the needs of the composites, aerospace, and other industrial sectors. As an example, the company cites a local customer that had placed a large initial order for a retailer scheduled to reopen in line with the government’s relaxation of lockdown regulations. The order—consisting of a large quantity of sheets of protective film cut to match the precise dimensions specified by the retailer—was fulfilled by Bindatex Slitting and Sheeting within one week from the initial inquiry.

“Being adaptable and versatile is something we have always been proud of,” says Chris Lever, managing director of Bindatex. “We began this expansion in capacity in March when we die-cut disks to be used in ventilators to help in the UK-wide effort to supply the NHS [National Health Service], so to help the nation get back to work completes the circle after these few hard months.”

“We are used to slitting difficult to process materials, usually thermosets and thermoplastic composites,” Lever continues. “We can utilize our experiences of converting materials that are challenging and hard to cut, no matter how big or small the order. We have a really focused team who enjoys the challenge of providing solutions to resolve new problems and working to quick turnaround times.”

The new Slitting and Sheeting division marks new territory for Bindatex, but the company projects that this new application will help UK shops become safe and operational following the government’s recently issued guidelines in late May. 

Source: Bindatex,