Farwest Introduces New Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System

Image courtesy of Farwest Corrosion Control.

Farwest Corrosion Control Co. (Downey, California, USA) recently introduced the Electrobraze cathodic protection (CP) pin braze system, which makes CP cable connections to aboveground and belowground steel structures.

The Electrobraze system was designed to be easy to use, reliable, and adaptable to challenging applications in the field.

With stainless steel construction and a low maintenance track record, the Electrobraze is a self-contained toolkit with battery pack and accessory options.

“Installing cathodic protection solutions can require attaching negative cables, test station wires, sacrificial anodes, and other cables to piping, tanks, and similar metallic structures,” explains Troy Rankin, president of Farwest. “Corrosion professionals need reliable, easy to use products when protecting and maintaining pipelines and other critical structures.”

Farwest describes itself as an industry pioneer and leader in CP and corrosion control services for industries that maintain underground and underwater infrastructure, storage systems, or other submerged metallic structures. Additional information on the company and the CP pin braze system is available at the group’s web site.

Source: Farwest Corrosion Control, www.farwestcorrosion.com.