Xtalic Secures Patents for Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Alloys

Xtalic Corporation (Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA), a leading provider of nano-scale metal alloys and coatings, announced that they have been awarded two new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These two new USPTO patents, numbers US10,590,514 and US10,590,558, cover alloys ad manufacturing methods for aluminum zirconium (Al-Zr), aluminum chromium (Al-Cr), aluminum nickel (Al-Ni), aluminum cobalt (Al-Co), aluminum hafnium (Al-Hf), and aluminum magnesium (Al-Mg), as well as their anodized versions.

The six new alloys provide corrosion resistance and lightweight properties, and improve the hardness, wear, and durability of critical components. They are ideal for anodizing aluminum for corrosion resistance in applications where cosmetic or aesthetic appearances are vital. In addition, their lightweight properties are essential when providing corrosion protection for magnesium components.

Industries for which Xtalic’s six alloy coatings could be applicable include the military (e.g., interconnect housings and other electronics) and semiconductor and electronics (e.g., energy storage and other components). In applications that require color matching, the new coatings will not change the original color of the aluminum. Moreover, they enable users to engineer material’s surface reflectivity for military and other applications.

According to the manufacturer, its alloy coatings are applied with an environmentally friendly ionic liquid plating process. Design engineers can tailor coating properties to meet their industry’s specific challenges by leveraging Xtalic’s proprietary Dynamic Nanostructure Control and patented Rapid Alloy Design toolkits.

Source: Xtalic, www.xtalic.com.