Non-Contact Insulation for Process Piping Systems

Integrity Products & Supplies Inc. (Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada), a manufacturer and distributor of products for the oil and gas industry, has produced Spacer Wrap, a product that establishes a non-contact insulation system by creating a unified and consistent air gap between the insulation system and the process pipe. By separating the insulation system, which is a common source of water infiltration, the air gap prevents any moisture ingress from coming into direct contact with the pipe.

 In addition, the product also protects the pipe from moisture damage, leaching agents, and corrosion under insulation. To optimize pipe and equipment protection, the Spacer Wrap fully encompasses the pipe circumference and is installed prior to the insulation. Made from high performing polytetrafluoroethylene, it works with all types of insulation and in various applications.

It is available in 32.5 x 75 in (0.83 x 1.9 m) rolls and should be placed over and around the process pipe, dimple side down, with a recommended minimum 2-in (5.08-cm) overlap on both the radial and axial points to ensure complete coverage.

Source: Integrity Products,