Corrdesa Hires Materials Scientist for Electrochemical Analysis

Corrdesa (Tyrone, Georgia, USA) recently welcomed Vinod Upadhyay as the company’s newest materials scientists. Upadhyay joins the company’s team of corrosion experts, to which he will contribute electrochemical analysis and characterization of corrosion-related events on metallic surfaces and protective coatings. 

Upadhyay joins Corrdesa from North Dakota State University (Fargo, North Dakota, USA). As a research scientist there, he gained experience in using electrochemical techniques to predict the corrosion performance of coated systems. He also designed novel amphiphilic polymers for ice de-adhesion; used sensors to monitor coatings in situ and locate defects in coatings; and designed an expedited electrochemical test for coating systems.

In addition to this research, Upadhyay developed an unique technique to accelerate corrosion in a “reasonable manner” to take the coating to failure in an expedited manner that is controlled thermally and electrochemically.

Upadhyay’s dual expertise in both polymer design and advanced electrochemical techniques is corroborated by an arrangement of 17 publications. With more than 10 years of experience with corrosion testing and failure analysis modeling, Corrdesa says it looks forward to seeing how Upadhyay can help push the company toward the forefront of coatings with regards to electrochemical testing and modeling.

In addition to his research skills, Upadhyay has previous experience as the lead and manager of several projects. He holds a Ph.D. in coatings and polymeric materials from North Dakota State University.

Source: Corrdesa,