Strategic Materials Expands in Crushed Glass Abrasives with New Facility

The company’s crushed glass abrasives at the new facility are sold under the brand name TRUABRASIVES. Photo courtesy of Strategic Materials.

Strategic Materials, Inc., known as North America’s largest glass recycler, recently announced the expansion of its manufacturing footprint by opening a new production facility for crushed glass abrasives in Houston, Texas, USA.

According to the company, the facility was built in response to growing regional market demand for surface preparation, as well as a noticeable industry shift to abrasive products that are environmentally friendly and good for worker health.

At more than 30,000 ft2 (2,787.1 m2) in size, the new facility began production in early December 2019 with improved bagging technology and production line capabilities. With the expansion, the company says it will more than triple its abrasive product output in 2020, with plans for further expansion in 2021. 

“With our new facility we’ve increased capacity and are able to better meet demand with a higher quality product,” says Denis Suggs, president and CEO at Strategic Materials. “This investment also allows us to improve product availability and therefore, turnaround times, and further solidifies our position as the market leader for crushed glass abrasives.”

The company’s crushed glass abrasives are sold under the brand name TRUABRASIVES and are produced from recycled glass.  After a thorough cleaning process, the glass is screened into to a variety of sizes, primarily being used to remove old coatings or prepping new surfaces in precast concrete, tanks, bridges, refineries, and shipyards. 

The new Houston location will fully replace the company’s current Houston facility by mid-2020 and retain its existing employees.  According to the company, the facility will produce other recycled glass products for sale into highway bead, fiberglass insulation, and glass container markets.

The company hosted a grand opening for the site in late January, where customers and local stakeholders were able to see first-hand the local circular economy and benefits of glass.

Source: Strategic Materials,