MFG Chemical Earns Award for Resource Management, Waste Minimization

MFG Chemical accepted the award during SOCMA Week at the association’s annual conference. Photo courtesy of MFG Chemical.

Specialty and custom chemical manufacturing leader MFG Chemical (Dalton, Georgia, USA) recently received a Performance Improvement Award from the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) (Arlington, Virginia, USA) trade association.

The award for resource management and waste minimization was presented during SOCMA Week at the association’s annual conference.

“MFG has made plant safety the core value of the company, a value shared by all of our employees,” says president and CEO Keith Arnold, who serves on SOCMA’s Board of Governors. “MFG is also dedicated to improving environmental performance through optimizing resource use and significantly reducing the overall volume and hazardous characteristics of wastes generated by manufacturing processes.”

Jennifer Abril, who serves as president and CEO of SOCMA, commended MFG Chemical on its efforts to continuously improve its environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) initiatives.

“Maintaining a safe environment for your staff and community is not an easy task,” Abril says. “It takes time, buy-in from both employees and leadership, and resources to achieve your goals. Congratulations to the MFG team for the thoughtful efforts they take to incorporate EHS&S considerations into their processes and products, and for creating a safe working environment for their employees and community.”

“We look forward to MFG’s continued participation in ChemStewards, which provides a platform where colleagues in the industry can learn from each other and share best practices that will assist them in building customer confidence, community trust, and strengthening product stewardship throughout the value chain,” Abril adds.

MFG describes itself as a specialty and custom chemical manufacturer for a variety of global markets, including agriculture, asphalt, graphic arts, lubricants, mining, oilfield, paints and coatings, personal care, pulp and paper, and water treatment. The company operates four manufacturing facilities in Northwest Georgia and Pasadena, Texas, with strong product development capabilities.

Key chemistries include dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinates (DOSS), water soluble polymers, rheology modifiers, amides, esters, imidazolines, surfactants, and specialty anhydrides. In addition, the ISO 9001-certified company received two previous SOCMA awards for plant safety and process efficiency.

Source: MFG Chemical,