Farwest Corrosion Control Company Introduces New CP Power Supply

Image courtesy of Farwest Corrosion Control Co.

Farwest Corrosion Control Co. (Downey, California, USA) has introduced the new DCPro as an advanced cathodic protection (CP) power supply. The company provides CP and corrosion control services for industries that maintain underground and underwater infrastructure, storage systems, or other submerged metallic structures. 

According to the provider, the DCPro is a significant improvement to the way traditional rectifiers convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) power when used in CP systems. 

With the product, advanced technology provides a durable power supply that offers efficient, pure DC power while eliminating manual operations that have caused frustration with conventional rectifiers. In addition, the unit has many valuable features and benefits for field technicians. 

“We are proud to provide a DC power supply that eliminates the need to manually adjust power output for cathodic protection systems,” says Troy Rankin, president of the company. “This can now be accomplished reliably with the turn of a single knob. In addition, the DCPro has the look and operational feel familiar to corrosion technicians and engineers. Having a DC power supply that maintains needed current output and provides advanced operating features will be important for our customers.”

Corrosion control and the need for CP solutions continue to be essential for pipelines, storage tanks, and other underground and underwater structures as they age. According to the company, the global CP industry is estimated at over $10 billion and growing when including products, engineering services, and installation. Yet, it says CP solutions have not changed significantly over the years. 

“The cathodic protection industry has become more sophisticated with new engineering solutions and technology, but at its core, the products involved in delivering those solutions remain largely the same,” Rankin says. “The DCPro is leading-edge technology that will significantly improve the delivery of DC power while very simple to operate.”

Detailed information about the power supply product can be found at the company’s web site.

Source: Farwest Corrosion Control Co., www.farwestcorrosion.com.