New Artificial Intelligence Partnership for Bridge, Tunnel Inspections

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider Dynamic Infrastructure ( (New York, New York, USA) recently announced the integration of the MissingLink deep learning platform, known as DeepOps.

Dynamic Infrastructure’s cloud-based solution utilizes proven, cutting-edge AI technology that has been tested by certified inspection engineers to find critical faults in bridges and tunnels.

According to the company, the addition of the DeepOps platform provisions Dynamic Infrastructure's solution to address the surge in the number of active projects, number of assets managed per project, and number of survey images per asset.

With this offering, the company says it has developed a unique tool that provides a rapid, detailed, and all-encompassing view of infrastructure assets for continuous and objective condition assessments.

“Bridge and tunnel operators require instant and reliable processing of vast amounts of inspection data and images,” says CEO Saar Dickman. “’s platform accelerates and scales Dynamic Infrastructure AI engine processing and shortens the cycle from capture to action."

Based on the experience of maintenance managers and risk assessment companies, the company says it provides the most comprehensive system to compare and analyze images of an asset, regardless of location. The outcome is a visual medical record over three-dimensional (3-D) models, which can be shared with peers and contractors to expedite maintenance workflows.

“We are proud that Dynamic Infrastructure shares vision," says Yosi Taguri, CEO of (Tel Aviv, Israel). “DeepOps is a new combination of work culture philosophies, practices, and tools for AI developers. This enables organizations such as Dynamic Infrastructure to improve service offerings to their customers and deliver trusted results at a faster pace.”

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