Carbon Nanotechnology Company Adds Another Patent for Coatings

Carbon nanotechnology company Tesla NanoCoatings (Massillon, Ohio, USA) has further strengthened its intellectual property portfolio with another allowed patent. 

The group’s disruptive carbon nanotechnology is changing the paradigm for anticorrosive coatings, according to the company, which says that the additional patent will offer customers greater asset protection and lower total cost of ownership.

The technology covered by the patent combines cathodic protection with graphene and carbon nanotubes by chemically connecting them to the polymer matrix, thereby creating a new molecule.

“This new patent will enable us to offer coatings that will be able to perform at an even higher level, which will result in extending the life of assets while significantly reducing maintenance costs,” says Todd Hawkins, company president.

According to the company, current customers are looking forward to using the enhanced and more durable coatings, which will give them safer work environments and offer environmental benefits.

“We remain committed to a strong research and development effort to maintain our position of global leadership,” Hawkins says. “Our carbon nanotechnology platform allows us to make refinements to our coatings that address these severe problems.”

“Our customers in the North Sea, Middle East, Africa and the Gulf of Mexico are very supportive and are encouraged by our R&D [research and development] programs,” Hawkins adds.

The company’s product line is Teslan, described as a corrosion control coating for structural steel utilizing carbon nanotubes. These carbon nanotubes self-assemble into rope structures, which makes them highly conductive, tough, and flexible.

Source: Tesla NanoCoatings, Inc.,