Surface Coatings Group Earns Nadcap Merit Status

Loading of Hardide coating reactors. Image courtesy of Hardide Coatings.

Advanced surface coating technology company Hardide Coatings (Oxfordshire, United Kingdom) announced that it has been awarded Nadcap merit status for coatings.

Organized by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) (Warrendale, Pennsylvania, USA), Nadcap is a cooperative effort between technical experts in industry and government to improve quality industries through the establishment of accreditation requirements and a standardized approach to quality assurance.

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded Nadcap merit status within two years of being Nadcap accredited,” says CEO Philip Kirkham. “This is testament to the skill and dedication of our staff to delivering a top quality product and service.”

The company has held Nadcap accreditation since 2017. Having demonstrated an ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications, the Nadcap task group determined that Hardide earned special recognition. This means that, instead of having their next Nadcap audit in 12 months, Hardide was granted an accreditation lasting until January 31, 2021.

“Nadcap accreditation is universally acknowledged as a significant undertaking,” says Michael J. Hayward, executive vice president and chief operating officer at PRI. “Validating compliance to industry standards, best practices, and customer requirements, Nadcap has long been incorporated by the aerospace industry into their risk mitigation activity. Some companies go even further when achieving Nadcap accreditation to obtain merit status, and they should be proud of it. A less frequent audit schedule means a reduction in audit costs and associated pressures. It also demonstrates the trust the aerospace industry has in Hardide Coatings, based on their past performance in Nadcap audits.”

Hardide Coatings is part of Hardide plc. The company develops, manufactures, and applies advanced technology tungsten/tungsten carbide metal matrix coatings to a wide range of engineering components. Its patented technology is unique in combining, in one material, a mix of toughness and resistance to abrasion, erosion, and corrosion. The technology also offers the ability to accurately coat interior surfaces and complex geometries. 

According to the company, the material is proven to offer significant improvements in component life, particularly when applied to components that operate in very aggressive environments. This results in cost savings through reduced downtime and increased operational efficiency. Its customers include leading companies operating in oil and gas exploration, as well as in the production, valve and pump manufacturing, precision engineering, and aerospace industries.

Source: Hardide Coatings,