CORCON Institute of Corrosion Hosts First IMPACT Plus Program in India

An IMPACT Plus Navigator training program was held in New Delhi in February 2019, led by Elaine Bowman (front row, third from left) and Helena Seelinger (front row, fourth from left).

One of the main conclusions of NACE International’s 2016 IMPACT Study was that reducing the exorbitant cost of corrosion could be realized if companies were to incorporate sound corrosion management practices. While industry believed in the benefits of a corrosion management plan, they found it challenging to communicate this need to those throughout their organizations.

For asset owners to implement a corrosion management plan, a corrosion management system framework is required that is understood and supported at every level of the organization involved in protecting assets, and even more importantly, the need to justify corrosion control actions by business impact. IMPACT Plus was developed directly in response to these findings—helping companies maintain and/or improve corrosion management plans, extend asset life, and reduce the cost of corrosion.

The IMPACT Plus program is a unique innovative tool that enables asset owners to validate corrosion control actions by business impact and maintain a successful corrosion management plan. It does this through a robust suite of technical and business tools housed in a single online portal that:

  • Aids in the communication and company-wide understanding of corrosion management activity information;
  • Helps measure and benchmark current practices; and
  • Assists organizations in monitoring, managing, and ultimately improving their corrosion management activities.
  • It is designed to advance corrosion management performance across all industry sectors.

To assist organizations in going through the IMPACT Plus assessment, a trained “Navigator” is required who has a full understanding and knowledge of the IMPACT Plus program. To this end, a Navigator training was developed and released in December 2017, and since then several training sessions have been held across the globe.

This training provides role-playing scenarios, management strategies, and details on how to maximize IMPACT Plus’s network of tools to improve the organization’s or customer’s business processes and corrosion management performance.

In February 2019, the CORCON Institute of Corrosion hosted a four-day IMPACT Navigator training session in New Delhi with six participants. The participants look to work collaboratively to promote the IMPACT Plus program across all industrial sectors in India.

A proposal to India’s Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers is under discussion, and a positive outcome is envisioned in the near future. The training was conducted by Past President Elaine Bowman, IMPACT Program manager, and assisted by NII Executive Director Helena Seelinger.

Source: NACE International,