New Company Creates “Smart” Corrosion Inhibitor

Test results demonstrating 0.40 in (10 mm) in the control sample (left) and 0.04 in (1.0 mm) of corrosion with Intelli-ion (right). Image courtesy of Hexigone Inhibitors Limited.

Hexigone Inhibitors Limited (Swansea, Wales) has developed a corrosion inhibitor that substitutes harmful chemicals for “chemically intelligent” pigments. Independent research confirms that this corrosion inhibitor, Intelli-ion, can protect end products up to ten times longer than other chrome-free options.

According to Hexigone, the research was performed “by a global leader in industrial coatings.” After 1,000 hours of aggressive prohesion, and 4,000 hours of salt spray and humidity testing, Intelli-ion was found to have 0.04 in (1.0 mm) of corrosion, as opposed to 0.40 in (10 mm) of corrosion in the control sample.

Last month, the European Union (EU) banned the use of hexavalent chromate, a highly toxic corrosion inhibitor that has been linked to increased risk of lung cancer and other serious health conditions. The non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative offered by Hexigone replaces chromate with a safer, smarter alternative that uses disruptive micro/nano reservoir technologies.

Through these intelligent micro reservoirs, Intelli-ion inhibitors are released “on demand” in reaction to environmental stimuli. This method of anti-corrosion protection could result in longer life spans to end products in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Patrick Dodds, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Hexigone, says that the goal of the Intelli-ion research was to “use chemicals that were previously incompatible with coatings. Now, we are offering a potentially game-changing inhibitor to the coatings industry; a higher performing product that can be easily added to existing production processes, at a price that matches the market.”

Founded by researchers and scientist from Swansea University (Swansea, Wales), Hexigone has received an investment from the Development Bank of Wales and Innovate UK, and partnered with 20 industry partners in order to scale up Intelli-ion for commercial distribution. Says Phil Buck, former CEO of Spencer Coatings Group, “In my forty years in the industry, we have been searching for a comparable anti-corrosion pigment that delivers the same results as lead and chromate complexes. None of the new developments have given that. Now at last we have a corrosion inhibitor that provides the level of performance that our clients need to protect their assets from premature failure. Hexigone is now able to offer the corrosion industry what they have been looking for—a search which has spanned a generation.”

Source: Hexigone Inhibitors Limited,