NACE International Opens U.K. Office for European Members

NACE International (Houston, Texas, USA) a nonprofit association and leading global resource for corrosion expertise and education, recently announced the opening of its newest office to serve members in Europe.

Based in the United Kingdom, NACE’s new European operations will be managed by Stuart Bond, a long-time member of the association and a former recipient of the group’s Distinguished Service Award.

“Year after year, we see growth in our European membership and demand for more NACE programming throughout Europe,” says Bob Chalker, CEO of NACE International. “Now we have found the ideal representative to help meet those needs. Stuart Bond is ideally qualified—both as a corrosion professional and as an active member of the industry community—to serve our European membership.”

The association believes its increased focus on the maritime industry could also be bolstered by Bond’s appointment and the new office.

“NACE’s increased activity in the maritime sector now requires more support,” says Buddy Reams, chief maritime officer of NACE International. “So we are pleased to have Stuart on board to help represent the corrosion industry and NACE membership at both the International Maritime Organization and the International Standards Organization.”

Bond previously served as global technology program manager for Element Materials Technology. Headquartered in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Element describes itself as a global provider of testing, inspection, and certification services for a diverse range of materials and products in sectors where failure in service is not an option.

“As an active NACE International member since 1993, it is a privilege to serve in the role of European area manager and technical advisor to enhance the opportunities for current and prospective corrosion professionals in Europe, and increase corrosion awareness across industries in multiple sectors,” Bond says. “Based here in Europe with a global track record, I am excited to engage more deeply in the region to address the challenges faced by my peers in corrosion and aligned disciplines, [and] to develop appropriate programs, services, and products to meet their needs and those of the wider society.”

According to the association, the new office enables NACE to deliver more of its globally valued technical events, corrosion training, and certification courses and exams in Europe, and provide more local programs that promote the exchange of corrosion information and education.

“As the call for corrosion professionals grows worldwide, we recognize the importance of serving members wherever they need us,” Chalker says. “We have built a presence in almost every global region, and we believe the time is right to put a physical footprint in Europe. It’s promising to see increasing calls for corrosion control and prevention expertise for the infrastructure development and preservation taking place throughout Europe.”

Founded in 1943, NACE is the world’s largest nonprofit of its kind with more than 38,000 members across 130 countries. Based in Houston, Texas, and now with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and a training center in Dubai, the organization serves all industries impacted by corrosion. NACE provides its membership with numerous benefits and offers the world’s most specified technical training and certification programs, industry standards, reports, conferences, and publications focused on corrosion prevention and mitigation.

Source: NACE International,