Coatings Manufacturer Provides Corrosion Protection for Norway Bridge

The Hålogaland Bridge in Narvik, Norway. Photo courtesy of Jotun/Tomas Rolland.

Norwegian paint and coatings manufacturer Jotun (Sandefjord, Norway) supplied anticorrosion protective coatings for the Hålogaland Bridge, a suspension bridge said to be the second-longest bridge span in Norway. Jotun worked with China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group (Qinhuangdao, China) to Jotamastic steel coating to all 30 separate sections of the bridge over a period of 10 months.  

Opened to the public in December, the Hålogaland Bridge took five years to complete and cost NOK 3.5 billion (USD 418 million). Accounting for bracing temperatures and powerful winds, the Jotamastic steel coating is expected to provide protection in temperatures that can fluctuate by 40 degrees throughout the year and winds that exceed 80 mi/h (128 km/h).

With its 30 sections and 7,000 tons (6,350 metric tons) of bridge deck, the Hålogaland Bridge reduces the distance between two Norwegian regional centers, Narvik and Bjerkvik, by 18 km (11 mi). The structure features two A-shaped superstructure towers that stand 179 m (587 ft) above the water, along with a central suspended deck spans 1,145 m (3,756 ft).

Not only is the Hålogaland Bridge seen as a vital infrastructure project within the Article Circle region of Norway, it has been dubbed by many local observers to be “the most beautiful bridge in the world.” According to Hege Karset Bjørgum, Jotun’s global concept director infrastructure, Jotun is proud of the key role it played in the project. “Only the very highest standards are good enough on infrastructure projects of this magnitude and our close collaboration with other key stakeholders, at every stage of the build, ensures this. Jotun is immensely proud to be a partner on the Hålogaland bridge project,” Karset Bjørgum said.

Source: Jotun,