Next Generation Portable Oil Analyzers Include Feature Upgrades

FluidScan Portable Oil Analyzer. Photo courtesy of Spectro Scientific.

Spectro Scientific (Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA), a global supplier of oil and fuel analysis instruments and software, has unveiled its next generation of FluidScan mid-infrared oil analyzers. These handheld, field-proven spectrometers record and measure spectra—in this case, the light transmitted through a fluid sample—and compare it against an internal fluid reference library that includes nearly 800 oils and greases.

The latest additions to the FluidScan analyzers family include two new models: FluidScan 1000, a portable fluid condition monitoring unit for fleet operations or oil analysis labs; and FluidScan 1100, a handheld oil analyzer that can operate independently or as part of a Spectro MiniLab configuration. Both models are supported by Spectro’s Fluid Manager software.

These two models are representative of the “ongoing evolution of FluidScan analyzers,” according to Spectro Scientific president and CEO Brian Mitchell. Some of the key features of these analyzers include the following:

  • Upgraded electronics and processors;
  • New software algorithms such as a fluid integrity parameter;
  • Enhanced memory and data hosting capabilities; and
  • Ergonomic advancements such as a 50% larger LCD screen.

In addition, FluidScan analyzers offer onsite analysis of lubricants without the need for solvents or cleanup. This analysis is completed within a minute and the user requires no special training to operate the analyzer. 

Source: Spectro Scientific,