Repair Kit Restores Damaged Coatings to Metal Substrates

Photo courtesy of Robroy Industries.

Robroy Industries Raceway Division (Gilmer, Texas, USA) released its new PVC Coating Repair Kit for PVC-coated conduit systems, fittings and accessories. Unlike traditional PVC touch-up compounds that only repair minor damage to interior urethane or exterior PVC coatings, the PVC coating included in this Repair Kit adheres to bare metal surfaces in mending corrosion damage.

The PVC Coating Repair Kit uses a custom formulated two-part epoxy that bonds to PVC and steel or aluminum substrates. As a result, it can mend damage that’s already occurred, as well as prevent environmental exposure that could lead to corrosion of steel and aluminum substrates. The epoxy sets in 6 minutes and cures in 3-4 hours at 70 °F (21 °C).

Designated as a UL Recognized component product by the global safety company UL LLC (Northbrook, Illinois, USA), the epoxy meets nationally recognized safety standards for flame resistance. Among its other performance properties, it is heat resistant up to 550 °F (288 °C) and freeze resistant up to -67 °F (-55 °C). In addition, the epoxy, when fully cured, is resistant to water, gasoline, and other petroleum products.

The Repair Kit includes an emery cloth to prepare damaged surfaces, mixing tools, cleaning cloths, an applicator tool, instruction sheet, and chemical information for the compound. Additional information and cut sheets are available on the manufacturer’s website.

Source: Robroy Industries,